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I grew up loving art because of my mother and grandmother.

I studied art and graphic design at school.  I worked at Alphagraphics as a designer, and then Eagle Print Shop doing prepress.  I then interned at IBM in San Jose until I graduated with a BA in Art and Graphic Design from Cal State.  I stayed at IBM until 2002 and then left to freelance.


The name of my business comes from my father.  One day, my then boyfriend surprised my parents at their door in Utah from California.  He was there to ask for my hand in marriage.  My dad invited him in and after a discussion, gave my now husband the following advice, "Lynette, is, uniquely Lynette".  I know he was referring to all my better qualities and thought it the perfect name to describe my art as well.


As a freelancer, I get the chance to work for a variety of clients and create with my own guidelines.  I can created from scratch or incorporate your existing branding into designs you'll love.


I can take your new business from logo, to business cards to website designs and brochures.  Call me today and we can take your business to the next level. 801-589-2602