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Logo Design: I love love love logo design.  Taking an image and symbology and creating beautiful lines that communicate your business is my goal.  I design all logos in black and white.  My theory is that any good logo doesn't rely on color to be successful.  You get powerful images that way.


Web Design:  Every good business needs a good web site.  I can design a great interface and help you organize all the content for your site in an effectual way.  Also, I do add descriptions and some SEO for websites.


Illustration: I can create images digitally or on paper with a brush.


Layout:  I layout content on a grid to make the cleanest look and the best read for your information.


Other:  I can help put on image on almost anything you want.  I have done game packaging and design.  I also know how to touch up photos and do restoration.  I have experience laying out books as well.